Top Five Tricks to Enhance Your Outdoor Portraits

Taking outdoor portraits is a good hobby and source of income. However, it is also a challenging work to do, since there are many factors that can affect the quality of your photos. Thus, to help you on this matter, here are the top five tricks that can help you to improve your photography skills.


Tip #1: Avoid Direct Sunlight


It is tough to control the light outdoors. In addition, too much light exposure can damage the quality of your photos and create white imbalance Thus, an ideal time to capture your outdoor portrait is early morning when the sun is not shining too bright. On the other hand, you can shoot in the shade where there is less sunlight to produce smooth and balanced images.


Tip #2: Pick out the Right Angle


Capturing an outdoor portrait is an excellent way to experiment and become adventurous. Try to expand your horizon and use different ideas that will emphasize more of your subject. For example, focus on one particular trait of your subject like the eyes. When the subject is looking directly at the camera, the audiences or viewers will immediately feel connected. Also, candid shots are a good idea for outdoor portraits. Make your subject focus on a certain point away from the camera as if the photo is taken without the subject’s knowledge. Candid shots never fail to amaze viewers because of its mysterious effect and emotions.


Tip #3: Focus on the Subject


Line posts, lamps, grass and any startling object beside or behind your subject will certainly ruin the whole image. Back on the second tip; make sure that your focus is your subject, for instance, the eyes. If there is a post lamp behind the background of the subject, move to another location that will fit in the picture. Any form of distractions and even commotions on the backdrop is a big no since it will draw attention instead of the audiences focusing on the subject.


Tip #4: Select a Camera with Appropriate Focal Length


Your camera’s lenses have a huge part in taking a quality outdoor portrait. Thus, do not settle for less. Choose camera lenses with no less than 50mm to capture quality images. This type of lenses does not produce noticeable distortions and has fast shutters, so you can capture various images all at once. Telephoto lenses are also an ideal option for outdoor portraits, especially if you are trying to capture your subject in a distance.


Tip #5: Make Use of Shades


There are occasions wherein you just have to take pictures under the bright light of the sun. If caught in such situation, all you have to do is be creative and think of solutions. One thing you can do is control the direction of light by using a reflector. This equipment comes in handy in such circumstances. Make sure that the sunlight is not behind your subject, or else you will only earn a silhouette. If clouds happen to pass by, take this opportunity to capture some images. Taking outdoor portraits requires skills, knowledge and high-quality equipment. Therefore, invest in professional lenses which you can find here at Any Shot Pro.