Hollywood Vanity Mirror VS Regular Make-Up Mirror: Reflecting the Difference

A vanity mirror is a common household piece, especially to ladies. As a woman, you feel like you have to look your best at all times. For this reason, you do everything you can to enhance your beauty by wearing cosmetics, accessories and dressing fashionably. It is one of the reasons why every lady wants to have a vanity mirror in sitting in their room.


On the other hand, nowadays more men are engrossed in self-grooming, trying to appear attractive to catch the attention of the ladies. No doubt, vanity mirrors has become a necessary piece not only for women but also for men. There are two types of mirrors that are usually used as vanity tools. The regular make-up mirror and the Hollywood vanity mirror. Though these two have parallel purposes, both of them have unique characteristics. Here is a short summary of the difference between a regular make-up mirror and Hollywood vanity mirror.


Regular Make-up Mirror


This type of vanity mirror is what you can commonly find in the market. It is often an oval or round shaped mirror with adequate size to let you see your face’s reflection. There are also regular make-up mirrors with bigger sizes to offer more function and display better reflection. A regular make-up mirror is the most affordable vanity household piece you can find today. However, it sometimes fails its job due to lack of lighting. You have to stand in good lighting or place sufficient amount of lights in your room see more of your facial reflection and apply cosmetics easily.

Hollywood Vanity Mirror


Hollywood vanity mirrors offer solutions to the problem of regular make-up mirrors. This type of mirror has 10 times more magnification which can help you apply makeup faster and with ease. Moreover, this type of mirror is a vanity table with lights so you can put on makeup like a pro. In addition, Hollywood vanity mirrors have light control settings. Therefore, you can adjust the lighting to a daylight or dark to see how your makeup will respond to the light’s reflection.


There are several ways wherein you can have a Hollywood vanity mirror. One is to make DIY vanity mirror of this type. This option is good to ladies who are quite low on their budget. However, you have to choose carefully on what type of lighting to use so you can imitate different lighting scenarios.


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