Happy Haircut: How to Deal with Your Child’s First Haircut

Nothing is more exciting than watching your child have their first walk, talk, laugh, and even a haircut. Yes, haircut. Did you know that most parents would experiment their child’s first haircut than turning them to some professionals? It is unavoidable that parents can be overly excited with their little children’s first things; however, some of these acts can be disastrous, and one good example is the haircut. If you had your baby’s first haircut a disaster and you want to try it again or this is your first time cutting your child’s hair, then, you should consider the following tips for your child’s haircut journey.

  • Choose an equipment that is less dangerous

Children are innately active and can easily be distracted; so, it is only wise to use haircut equipment that is safer and less dangerous like the hair clippers. So to speak, hair clippers are much safer than those sharp scissors. Plus, you can shear off your child’s hair less than five minutes. All you need to do is pick the right hair clippers that are safe for children use, which you can also¬†see the info at myhairclippers.com¬†. Also, if you are to choose hair clippers, you need to choose the wireless or cordless type of the latter to avoid electrical accidents. Again, children can be active all the time, so choosing handy hair clippers are more efficient than choosing the wired hair clipper.

  • Prepare your child for the haircut

Before proceeding to cut the hair, make sure that your young fellow had a wonderful nap, had their snack, and emotionally prepared to avoid cranky behavior that could lead to a disastrous haircut. Some young children can get the similar fear when meeting a dentist and a barber, where most of these children think that when they have their hair cut, their head is also being chopped off due to the tingling sensation coming from hair clippers or even a pair of scissors. So, to make haircut sound exciting and fun for your child, you can do some simple tricks to amuse them.

  • Bribe them with candy and lollipops

There are children who really hate the haircut, no matter how you amuse and allure them. So, why not try bribing them? There are no children who decline candy, chocolate, and lollipops, thus, bribing them is the best way.

  • Make sure to have a plan

Always make a plan before doing anything. Remember that you are cutting your active child’s hair; so, careful planning is only appropriate and that includes your child’s hair style. Clean cut is always the best for 2 years old children and above. If you are not familiar with the haircut, you could always watch video tutorials before the procedure. Doing your child’s haircut can be fun and exciting for you as a parent, however, can be a terrifying feeling for the child. So, when it comes to handling your child’s hair make sure that you know what to do in the most efficient and safe way. If you are not yet comfortable with the idea of doing it yourself, you could always visit the nearest salon for your child’s haircut.