Factors to Consider When Buying a Blender


Buying blenders is a task that is easily said than done. And though you think that all blenders are the same, you need to think again. If you are planning to buy a blender, consider reading the tips written below:




Do you know that some blenders were downgraded after professional tests were done due to splattering? Make sure that the blender’s lid is tight fitting and can be taken on and off with ease. A dishwasher safe type will also be a great choice.


Pour Spout


This can be found on the lid which can have a removable plug where you can easily add ingredients like cream soups, emulsions and many others can be inserted.




This part needs to be stable. Stay away from blenders with a wobbly base or that which vibrates. This affects the blender’s efficiency, making the blending process take longer than it should.




Nothing can be better than using a blender that will leave you with less cleaning needs. Besides, the last thing that you want to happen after cooking is to wash up a lot of dishes and kitchenware. Some blenders can just be loaded into the washer. However, others will make the easy task hard for you since their lids can only be cleaned by hand. This can also pose danger for cuts on your part, considering that the appliance comes with sharp blades.




Some only need blenders to perform just one task. For instance, if you love making smoothies, you would want a blender assigned to do this for you. If this is the case then a cheap blender equipped with very few features will do. However, there are blenders that can be used in many ways. They can chop, mix and do other things that are worthwhile in your cooking. However, they can be more pricey. So, pick your choice. The important thing is; you must know what you need to you will get the exact blended that you are looking for.




A blender that protects your investment is a wise option. With heavy beating function, you can just imagine the wear and tear it will go through over time. That is why; getting a warranty for its use will be of much help. Some blenders are sold with one year warranty. Longer warranty blenders may be more costly but as per experts, the extra money you will be paying will be worth it since the appliance is expected to function for many years of use.


But with so many kinds of blenders in the market, deciding what to buy can be such a challenge. That is why; it pays to know what the leading brand in the market these days. This way, you will at least have an idea where to start. Ninja Blender is one brand you can rely on when it comes to blender. You can read these very detailed Ninja blender comparisons for you to tell which type caters to your needs most.