Everything About Air Purifiers

Much has been said about the use of air purifiers and a lot of discussions arise on whether or not it is needed in every home. These are sometimes termed as “filters” and are sold in the market for the purpose of “cleansing” the air. However, since many of today’s ads are “sugar coated”, it can be hard to know which of them are true. Hence, many households are still skeptic about the importance of air purifiers. Well, it is for you to find out. And knowing more about this product can be a good way to start.


What is an air purifier?


This is an electronic device meant to remove air contaminants. It purifies the air from pollen, pet dander, dust, and cigarette smoke. This is very helpful, especially for people with asthma, allergies and other respiratory tract issues. Because air purifiers are perceived to be important to everyone’s health, it becomes a profitable business as soon as it came out in the market. About a decade ago, it hit at 14% in its market penetration. In fact, it has exceeded the sales of other novelty products decades ago. Since it has become a million dollar business, there is no doubt that its marketing techniques are quite impressive. However, we can’t just look at its sales alone to determine if it is really needed or not.


However, we can’t deny the fact that some of these products live up to what they have claimed. HEPA purifiers, for instance, are proven to get rid of even tiny an airborne particle that invades many homes. It can remove even as small as 0.3 microns particle from your home. These can be the asbestos, pollen, pet dander, dust, and cigarette smoke. These are known to be respiratory tract irritants that cause many respiratory problems. The downside of using such device is its expensive installation. This also spikes up your monthly electric bills consumption.


If you can’t afford HEPA purifiers, know that they have smaller and cheaper counterparts. There are small purifies that operates right after plugging. This can be a console-sized type that can be placed in a room which removes plant spores and pollens. There are also those with similar functioning purifiers that can be placed on table tops. They can even manage to get rid of cigarette smokes in your home. However, doors and windows of the room must be closed for these devices to work efficiently.


Meanwhile, though we know that air purifiers are designed to keep you healthy, others can also pose danger to your health. Some of them operate through chemical reactions which produce ozone. They are called “ionic air purifiers”. Though ozone layers are reputed for their ability to protect us from the harmful rays of the sun, realize that they are way up in the atmosphere, far away from you. However, when this gas is inhaled, it can cause many health issues, especially for the most vulnerable ones; people with emphysema and asthma. Hence, make sure that you do not use these types of air purifiers. To know more about air purifiers, visit https://afresherhome.com/.