Different Styles of Dog Carriers

Dog carriers are products that are very helpful for individuals who love to bring their pets anywhere they go. That is especially true for those who always travel short and long distances, as well as those who love outdoor activities like hiking and camping. Carriers are also used every time the owners bring their pets to the veterinary clinic. Apart from comfort, using dog carriers also ensures the safety of the dog during travels. That is because accidental bumping while walking and accidental escape from their leash can be prevented.

However, as people go around to shop for dog carriers, they will be able to find different styles. Such has been made in order to ensure that different needs of dogs and owners are met. With that in mind, people should then know what type of carrier bag works best for every day or night out that they will have with their pets.

The first type called the standard hard-sided carriers, as the name implies, are products that have a hard shell or external body. They have been constructed in a durable and rugged manner. Hence, they are preferred by many dog lovers. However, they are quite heavy when carried with the hands. Thus, they are usually recommended for aircraft, ship, and automobile travels. That is because they will only be placed on the floor of such transportation items. These are also highly advisable for dogs that have big sizes.

The next type that can also be used in airplanes is the soft-sided carriers. As contrasted from the first type, this is designed for carrying and transporting small dogs. Likewise, they are made of materials that are lightweight. The third type of dog carriers is the wearable dog carrier. As opposed to the first two, this type will make the owner’s hands-free from carrying anything. This type somewhat resembles human baby carriers. It is usually worn like a sling bag which is made using lightweight and washable materials. It is also equipped with zippers to ensure that the dog is secured.

People who want more comfort when carrying their dogs around are recommended to purchase the fourth type of dog carriers which is known as backpack carrier. The best thing about it is that it can also be worn in front. Thus, it is also often called a frontpack carrier. It also looks like a human baby carrier since it has holes that are intended for the paws of the dog. Good brands of backpack or frontpack dog carriers have adjustable and padded shoulder straps that have locks or hooks. This is highly recommended for people who will go camping, hiking, backpacking, malling, and the likes.

People who do not want to strain their hands, shoulders, and necks with the above-mentioned types of dog carriers can go for the wheeled type. As the name implies, they are dog carriers that have four wheels installed. They usually look like an ordinary wheeled traveling bag but have a mesh window so the dog can breathe. According to http://gearhose.com/best-dog-carriers/ , this type is good for long travels.