Where to have a party is one of the biggest decisions when planning a bachelorette party. It can be really difficult to decide if you’re on a tight budget and keep it memorable for all the girls. Bachelorette parties can be quite steep and most of the time; everyone turns them into a full blast weekend event nowadays. However, there are some ways on how you can create a weekend getaway with your girls without bending your budget and still have an amazing time.

Take a Road Trip
Flying somewhere can really hurt your budget. The airfare alone can take up a lot of the travel costs. Cutting those up will make your weekend getaway not as pricey. Try to take a road trip at a nearby city that everyone will have fun in. You can also make the driving part enjoyable as well. You can stop at scenic spots and take groufies that you can post on your social media accounts. Do not forget to pack plenty of fun snacks and play some rounds of road trip games as well.

A Staycation Style Bachelorette
Not all of us can say that we’ve really seen everything our home cities can offer. Most of the time, there are numerous of new adventures that we can try, new bars to go into or a tourist spot that you never really had a chance of visiting. You can cost on your bachelorette party if you make this the time to discover the world right under your feet. You can book at a fun hotel. To give you an experience of traveling without the extra costs of getting there, you can AirBnB in town.

Visit the Cheaper Version of Vegas – Reno
If you’re planning on going to casinos, gambling with your bffs and getting your party on but you’re on a tight budget; Reno in Nevada might be the ideal choice. Reno offers smaller hotel and casinos that can be as fun as Vegas and your money can even go a long way here. This so-called Biggest Little City in the World can provide you an all-night party but will not put a huge strain on your wallets.


Rent a Cabin on a Nearby Lake
Spending time on the water is really fun, however, not everyone live near an ocean to make it fit their budget. But numerous lakes are around which can give you that same relaxing ambiance of being on the water but without the extra costs of traveling. Look for a cabin or a lake house to rent and get the feeling of being beach babes right away. You can add some fun adventures and fitness activities such as water sports and renting a boat to go around the lake.

Plan a Grownup Sleepover
If you’re really tight on budget, you don’t have to worry. You can plan a grownup sleepover with some fancy wine and cheese spread on your menu from a local market. Camp out in your living room and watch some of your favorite romantic movies as well. You can even splurge a bit on mobile space service and get facials or massages.