Ideal Diet for People With Idiopathic Thrombocytopenic Purpura

Perhaps you may ask; “is fatigue a symptom of low platelets? “. Truth is; it is and there are other symptoms you need to watch out to confirm your condition. Other symptoms include easy bruising or excessive bruising, petechiae, nose and gum bleeding, blood in stool or urine or even heavy menstrual flow. If you suspected that you have low platelet level, you need to seek medical consultation all at once. This way, proper management will be sought and needed medical intervention will be done.

If you are diagnosed with Idiopathic Thrombocytopenic Purpura, you need to watch out for your diet. Indeed it is true that you are what you eat. Anything that you take into your body will affect your system and your health as a whole. And for those who have low platelet count or idiopathic thrombocytopenic purpura (ITP), diet means a lot to help manage your condition.


Let’s face it, food and health are interrelated. This fact has been established by science and there’s nothing you can do about it. Diet may be sought to lose weight, manage diabetes, prevent heart illnesses or fight cancer. But this can also be used to manage low platelet levels. Foy you to have the basic fuel needed for the building of healthy cells, healthy foods must be taken.


You can never underestimate the effects of simple diet changes. Experience the positive effect of adding vegetables and fruits to your daily intake. Green and leafy vegetables will surely make a lot of difference to your health. Limit your rice, white sugar and white flour consumption since they contain few nutrients, can cause obesity and rob you of your needed vitamins and minerals. They can cause acid indigestion too. Your diet must be nutrient dense and opt for organic options.


Do you know that some foods can cause low platelet count too? Hence, to manage your low platelet symptoms, get rid of these foods from your diet. Foods containing quinine, aspartame, and alcohol are examples of the foods triggering low platelet level. Examples of these are diet soda, sugar-free or low-fat cakes and candy, wine, beer, hard liquor and others. You can also take the anti-inflammatory diet. Do you know that inflammation triggers to autoimmune diseases? They impair hematopoietic stem cell functioning which leads to low platelet issues. Hence, taking anti-inflammatory diet can prevent low platelet symptoms. Examples of these are green and leafy vegetables, soy foods and many others.


Take macrobiotic diet


These include beans, whole grains, and vegetables. It lowers the need to consume animal foods like dairy, poultry, and meat. Also, slow-cooked foods are better than eating them raw. This helps set-off the ability of the disease to expand. Limit your calorie intake.


It has been found out through research that too much calorie intake can cause low platelet count. Hence, it is best to lower your calorie intake while maintaining good nutrition. This prevents cardiovascular disease, prevent bone marrow fibrosis and reduce inflammation, thus increasing platelet count in your system.

Safe Chainsaw Handling

The chainsaw is a very dangerous tool that poses many safety hazards. That is why it is important to know the different safety precautions when using it. Before Running The Chainsaw

  1. Read the manual

When using power tools such as the chainsaw, you would need to know the right way to use them to avoid making mistakes and hurting yourself. Follow exact instructions and do not think that all chainsaws are operated the same way.

  1. Wear the proper clothes and gear

Do not attempt to use casual clothing and slippery shoes when handling a chainsaw. Get rid of loose cords from your sweater or your pants and tie your hair back if you have long hair. Hard hat, goggles, steel-toe or hard-toe shoes and leather gloves are important when working on the chainsaw. You would also need some ear plugs to protect your ears from the noise of the chainsaw.

  • Check the chainsaw for loose parts and damages

Before you start to work on your cutting, check if all the parts of the chainsaw are intact. The chain should be properly tightened and there should also be enough oil in the reservoir to lubricate the chainsaw. Even the smallest component of the chainsaw, when loose, can be a safety hazard. The chainsaw might stop in the midst of running it, or worse, it could malfunction and cost you your limbs.

  • Prepare a first aid kit

Although you would not want anything bad to happen and you are being extra careful, it would still be best to have a first aid kit handy just in case. It would also be better if you have someone with you when you work. Keep a phone near you and the number of the closest emergency team.

  1. Clear the tree or wood

Sometimes, the wood or the tree could have nails, wires or other materials that could be dangerous for your saw and for you. Make sure to remove them before starting to run the chainsaw as it could fly towards you when the chain hits them. Check the top of the tree, too.

  1. Clear the area around

When cutting a tree, especially a tall one, make sure that the area around it is clear. Determine where it would fall and be sure that there are no power lines, buildings or other structures that can get damaged when the tree falls. While Cutting

  1. Position

Your position is very important when you are cutting a tree or any wood. Make sure that you select a safe place to stand when the tree you are cutting falls.

  1. Method

The method you would be using would depend on whether you are just trimming, felling trees, or pruning. Although your comfort is important when you are cutting, you still have to be sure that you are doing it the right way to avoid being hit by falling branches or having the chainsaw move towards you. You can know more about safety, tips, and chainsaw reviews here.


Benefits of Using a Lift Chair

As people get older, they require more and more assistance and support to go on with their daily lives. Some people hire caregivers to give their aging parents the help they need. Some adult children though would want to take care of them on their own. In-home cares or houses where an elderly is residing, a recliner lift chair is a common furniture. It is also a helpful equipment for disabled people and those who are on the heavy side, also for people who have mobility problems. A lift chair is very similar to a recliner. It is controlled by a machine and can make the chair recline, go horizontal, and a near standing position. These features of a lift chair are what makes this device very useful. Check the other benefits of a lift chair below:

  • One of the many great features of the recliner lift chair is its ability to move forward and assist the user to a nearly standing position.

This is really beneficial for those who are having difficulties getting up from a sitting position. With the use of a lift chair, a person would only need minimum help from a caregiver, or even no help at all, when standing up from the seat.

  • Most quality lift and recliner chairs can be controlled to give some elevation to your feet and legs.

The leg elevation is helpful to reduce swelling in the leg area, improve blood circulation, and get rid of varicose veins. In a fully reclined position, the leg elevation can be maximized to lift your legs above heart level. This position is a critical way to help distribute the stress or pressure from a certain area to different parts of the body. This would greatly reduce pain in those certain areas. This kind of position also promotes healthy heart as it minimizes the force that the heart uses to pump blood.

  1. Some people who spend long hours on a chair because of their condition, often suffer from poor posture.

This is because the skeletal joints and muscles of specific parts are not exercised and get weak. A lift chair is the perfect solution for this. Because the lift chair can be controlled to different positions, and some even have heating and massage features, the bones and muscles that support the posture have lower risks of fatigue and degeneration.

  1. Recliner lift chairs are known to reduce injuries.

Because a recliner lift chair makes it easy for a user to get on and off the chair, life-changing injuries and accidents can be prevented. The smoothness of the transition from one position to the other, gives enough support to the back and other parts of the body when moving. Brittle bones, especially for older people, are cared for with the comfort and gentle shifts of the chair.

  • Caregivers and people who take care of patients also benefit greatly from lift chairs.

The ease and comfort of the chair makes their work much easier. Some lift chairs include features like removable armrests for people on wheelchairs to be easily moved from one chair to the other. Take a look at this great resource to know more about lift chairs.

The Top Surprising Health Effects of Sleeping on a Bad Mattress

After a long and tiring day, you look forward to having a good night’s sleep. But what happens if you are unable to go to sleep even if you have tried counting sheep to feel sleepy? Even changing sleeping position may not solve your sleeping issues. There are lots of reasons why you are unable to go to sleep, and one of them can be because of your mattress. In fact, according to a consumer-based research, 91 percent of average American women strongly agreed that having a good mattress can help contribute to having a good night’s sleep. Mattress plays a huge part in helping you to fall asleep. In fact, according to a medical book for mental health, the authors pointed out that the type and kind of mattress can affect your usual sleeping pattern. Additionally, studies have proven that there are several health effects of sleeping on a wrong mattress, and below are some of them that you need to know.

  1. The notable back pain

Have you tried to sleep in an uncomfortable bed that kept you awake for the entire night? If you did, you probably ended up complaining about having a back pain. According to a medical description of back pain due to the wrong choice of bed, it can cause lower back pain, muscle strains, and can affect the alignment of the spine in the long run.

  1. Always feeling drowsy

It is no longer a surprise that you would feel drowsy if you have not been able to sleep well due to your uncomfortable bed. Thus, with less sleep, you may have loss of focus, become less alert, and even experience hallucinations which are common symptoms for people who are suffering from chronic sleeping disorders.

  1. Weakening of the immune system

Everyone knows that low quality of sleep has consequences, and one of them is wearing your immune system down. The mattress that is old or new but made with low quality and less comfortable can hinder your chances of having a quality sleep. Thus, if left unresolved, you will end up either less motivated or you will end up sickly.

  1. Can contribute to heart problems

According to a medical article in European Heart Journal review, people who sleep less than the recommended sleeping hours are at higher risk of developing heart problems. Additionally, a new study has suggested that sleep deprivation has a strong link to stroke or other cardiovascular disorders. Which is why replacing your current mattress is worth it if you want to keep yourself and your family healthy.

  1. Problems with memory

While it is hard to focus when you had short hours of sleep, sleep deprivation can affect your ability to create, retain, and recreate your memories. According to the medical description, sleep is essential to help consolidate all other memories (long-term memory) for future use. Sleep is important if you want to have a good one, all you need to do is replace your old mattress to a more comfortable one; you may click here for more information.

Types of Computer Desks Based on Material Used

As the world progresses, the need for a desktop or laptop is also growing tremendously. Offices are equipped with such items so that transactions will be easier and employees will become more productive. Homes are also equipped with such so that students can accomplish their projects and paper works at home. In addition, there are also individuals who are already working at the comfort of their own homes through the internet and computer.


However, owning a computer is just one thing. In order to use it maximally, as well as to ensure that people are comfortable while using their computers, having a good computer desk is also a necessity. Using an ordinary desk may be possible but it is still best to use a specially designed desk in order to protect the computer, as well as to maintain the right posture of the user. The good news is that looking for one will not be that difficult since there are already a lot on the market. In fact, they are made using different types of materials.


Wooden Computer Desks


Wooden desks for computers are commonly made using oak, mahogany, and cherry wood materials. Their main advantage is that these desks are environmental friendly. That is because they are made of natural materials. They are recommended for individuals who want to achieve a classical, warm, and homey interior design or feel inside their property. Wooden computer desks are also durable since they are made using wood from trees. Price-wise, they can either be affordable or expensive. Obviously, the ones that have thicker types of wood, as well as those that are made with high percentage of wood (does not have or have little mix) are more expensive.


The problem with wooden computer desks is that they are quite heavy. Thus, users may have trouble moving them around and cleaning the areas that are being covered by the table. Likewise, this type of desk is also quite hard to clean since applying water or cleaning products may affect the durability of the product.


Metal Computer Desks


These desks are usually made using aluminum and stainless steel materials. Since they have an industrial look, they are recommended for offices and homes that want to achieve a modern look. The good thing is that most metal desks are also very sturdy and durable. In addition, most of them also have collapsible feet or stands. Hence, people can easily transport them. However, there are metal computer desks that are made of lightweight and poor materials. Thus, people should carefully choose the metal desk that they are going to buy.


Glass Computer Desks


People who want to achieve a classy and elegant look in their office or home should go for computer desks that are made of glass materials. This type usually has support systems or feet that are made of metal materials. The table top can be made of frosted, plain, or tinted glass. The only problem with this type is that it is prone to damage like cracks and chips.


Choosing a computer desk based on materials used will depend on the preference of the user. People can click here for more information.

All About Cat Dehydration: Its Symptoms, Causes, and Treatment

Dehydration can happen to anyone, even to animals, plants, and other living organisms. This happens if the body keeps on losing fluid because of reduced intake of water or increased loss of fluid in the body. When the body experiences an excessive loss of fluids, the electrolytes will start to diminish causing the body to become weak. If untreated, the vital organs will begin to malfunction leading to further complications. Hence, if your pet could not get the right fluid it needs, you may find them in critical condition, or worse dead.

If you have a cat and you love them so much, do not let this happen to your furry companion. Let yourself understand the effects of cat dehydration, its symptoms, how to treat this condition and prevent it from happening.

Symptoms of Dehydration

At first glance, you will not notice that your cat is already suffering from dehydration. Some of its symptoms are quite normal reactions for pet cats. Thus, to prevent your cat from this horrendous experience, here are the various symptoms of cat dehydration that you need to watch out for.

  1. Unusual loss of appetite

If your cat is a big eater and suddenly refuses to eat any type of food you offer, you have to worry about your pet’s health. On the other hand, if your cat is a picky eater, you will probably miss this sign. Thus, learn to be observant when it comes to your cat’s health. If your pet does not eat anything at all despite being a choosy eater of the day, give him or her some drink to replenish the lost fluid in your pet’s body.

  1. Heart palpitations

It is a normal reaction for cats to have a faster heartbeat especially after playing or running around the house. However, if your pet has never done any form of activity but your cat’s heart is beating fast, he or she could be experiencing dehydration.

  • Lack of energy and playfulness

Some cats are obviously fond of playing around and catching anything that spikes their interest. Therefore, if your little furry friend unusually stops being a ball of energy, you have the right to get worried. He or she might be sick or getting dehydrated.

  1. Skin tenting

This symptom is an indication of severe dehydration. In normal instances, the cat’s skin immediately snaps back when pulled. But if your cat is suffering from dehydration, the skin loses its elasticity which means it stays up when pinched. Treating Dehydration The only way to keep your pet cat from dehydrating is to make sure to have enough supply of water.

The primary cause of dehydration is a loss of fluid which means replacing what is lost can bring back the health of your pet. Use a water fountain for cats to have a steady source of fluid for your pet. This method is more efficient compared to water basins. Plus, you can use if you have more cats at home. Do you want to learn where to get a high-quality water fountain? See it here at https://petgadgetreview.com.


Massage Chair Buying Guide

Massage is a technique that has been used for a long time to help individuals achieve pain relief. In fact, special creams, oils, and lotions have already been produced in order to enhance the effects of a massage. Nowadays, individuals who perform massages are already required to have a license or certification. With that in regard, massage services have already become somewhat expensive. Although some spas or clinics may charge affordably, some people still choose not to have a massage even when they are in pain, because they do not have enough time.

In order to resolve such, companies have started developing massage chairs. Through such, any person can already get a massage, without paying anyone or going anywhere. Likewise, they will be in the comfort of their own homes. However, the high number of brands being sold in the market may be overwhelming for people. Thus, it is important that they know what how to pick the right massage chair for them.

How big is the space?

It should be remembered that massage chairs are somewhat bulky and will require enough space in the user’s home. Thus, deciding where to put the massage chair will be the very first consideration in order to have an idea on what size of massage chair to buy.

Likewise, when scouting for a massage chair, people should also consider the fact that the product is being reclined. Thus, the size of the chair should be a little smaller than the area where they intend to put it.

What are its features?

Of course, different brands have different features. Most of the time, manufacturers add a lot of features that are not really useful for the buyer or user. Thus, people should be careful with add-on features and make sure that such will be useful for them> Nevertheless, there are general features that are very vital.

One is that people should look into the massage chair’s massaging capabilities. That is — what parts of the body can be massaged by the chair? What are the pressure levels available? Apart from that, people should also check if the product has programmable features. Some quality products have features wherein the user can program certain massage strokes that they regularly need.

Is it durable enough?

All manufacturers will claim that their products are durable. Hence, buyers should be keen enough when evaluating the product that they intend to buy. They can check the durability of a product by simply looking into the material used in its construction. It is also worth considering and checking if the manufacturer gives guarantee and warranty offers.

Does it have good or bad reviews?

Nowadays, evaluating a product’s quality will not be as hard as before. That is because there are already a lot of in-depth massage chair reviews that can be found on the internet. However, buyers should still make sure that they read a lot of reviews to ensure that they will look into different perspectives.


A massage chair can make any person’s life muscle pain-free without the need of leaving their homes. However, they should make sure that they buy quality products so that they will not be wasting their money.


Comforter Buying Mistakes: What to Avoid When Purchasing a New Comforter

It is not an easy job to buy a comforter. The countless options you have are confusing and head spinning. As a result, there are consumers who fail to consider a few things before buying, resulting in a regretful choice. Thus, to avoid buying the wrong comforters, here are the leading comforter buying mistakes that must learn to avoid:


Not considering thread count


The store usually hands out catalogs to let you select a comforter and know what to expect in your choice. These catalogs inform you everything you have to know about the comforter from its materials, unique qualities and thread count. However, most customers place their attention on the design and prices of the product and fail to consider the thread count of comforters. A high-quality comforter has a high thread count. Comforters with thread counts ranging from 200 to 500 are more durable and softer compared to those with below 200 thread counts. Moreover, a high-thread count comforter does not tear and shrink easily.


Failure to pick out the right sizes


It is important that when you buy a comforter, it should fit your bed perfectly. It is just a waste of money if the comforter you purchase is either too small or too big for the bed. The comforter will only look awkward and out of place. Therefore, before making any decisions, guarantee first the size of your bed. If the comforter you want to buy does not fit the size of your bed, consider other options or else you are going to regret your purchase when you buy the wrong size.


Failure to mind the weather conditions


Why do you have to include the weather conditions in buying a comforter? Remember that there are several types of comforters in the market. Some are thin while others are thick that can produce toasting warmth. If you are living in areas with warm to hot weather condition, buying a thick comforter is not a brilliant idea unless you want to sweat heavily while you sleep. In this scenario, it tells you how important it is to consider the weather conditions in your area in buying a comforter. If the place you are residing usually experiences a freezing winter with a heavy snowfall, buy comforters that can give you enough warmth all throughout the cold months.


Failure to see the difference of down and alternative down comforters


Down and alternative down are two different types of comforters. Some consumers fail to recognize the variances between the two which results in a less stellar reaction when they get to use the comforter they bought. Down comforters are usually made up ducks or geese. This type of comforter offers excellent insulation without being too heavy. On the other hand, an alternative down comes from an engineered fabric that is much easier to clean and less expensive. Also, it is the best solution for individuals suffering from allergies. Now, do you want to take a glimpse of 2017’s top comforter brands? Don’t worry; mybedcomforter.com has all the information that you need.

Everything About Air Purifiers

Much has been said about the use of air purifiers and a lot of discussions arise on whether or not it is needed in every home. These are sometimes termed as “filters” and are sold in the market for the purpose of “cleansing” the air. However, since many of today’s ads are “sugar coated”, it can be hard to know which of them are true. Hence, many households are still skeptic about the importance of air purifiers. Well, it is for you to find out. And knowing more about this product can be a good way to start.


What is an air purifier?


This is an electronic device meant to remove air contaminants. It purifies the air from pollen, pet dander, dust, and cigarette smoke. This is very helpful, especially for people with asthma, allergies and other respiratory tract issues. Because air purifiers are perceived to be important to everyone’s health, it becomes a profitable business as soon as it came out in the market. About a decade ago, it hit at 14% in its market penetration. In fact, it has exceeded the sales of other novelty products decades ago. Since it has become a million dollar business, there is no doubt that its marketing techniques are quite impressive. However, we can’t just look at its sales alone to determine if it is really needed or not.


However, we can’t deny the fact that some of these products live up to what they have claimed. HEPA purifiers, for instance, are proven to get rid of even tiny an airborne particle that invades many homes. It can remove even as small as 0.3 microns particle from your home. These can be the asbestos, pollen, pet dander, dust, and cigarette smoke. These are known to be respiratory tract irritants that cause many respiratory problems. The downside of using such device is its expensive installation. This also spikes up your monthly electric bills consumption.


If you can’t afford HEPA purifiers, know that they have smaller and cheaper counterparts. There are small purifies that operates right after plugging. This can be a console-sized type that can be placed in a room which removes plant spores and pollens. There are also those with similar functioning purifiers that can be placed on table tops. They can even manage to get rid of cigarette smokes in your home. However, doors and windows of the room must be closed for these devices to work efficiently.


Meanwhile, though we know that air purifiers are designed to keep you healthy, others can also pose danger to your health. Some of them operate through chemical reactions which produce ozone. They are called “ionic air purifiers”. Though ozone layers are reputed for their ability to protect us from the harmful rays of the sun, realize that they are way up in the atmosphere, far away from you. However, when this gas is inhaled, it can cause many health issues, especially for the most vulnerable ones; people with emphysema and asthma. Hence, make sure that you do not use these types of air purifiers. To know more about air purifiers, visit https://afresherhome.com/.

Different Styles of Dog Carriers

Dog carriers are products that are very helpful for individuals who love to bring their pets anywhere they go. That is especially true for those who always travel short and long distances, as well as those who love outdoor activities like hiking and camping. Carriers are also used every time the owners bring their pets to the veterinary clinic. Apart from comfort, using dog carriers also ensures the safety of the dog during travels. That is because accidental bumping while walking and accidental escape from their leash can be prevented.

However, as people go around to shop for dog carriers, they will be able to find different styles. Such has been made in order to ensure that different needs of dogs and owners are met. With that in mind, people should then know what type of carrier bag works best for every day or night out that they will have with their pets.

The first type called the standard hard-sided carriers, as the name implies, are products that have a hard shell or external body. They have been constructed in a durable and rugged manner. Hence, they are preferred by many dog lovers. However, they are quite heavy when carried with the hands. Thus, they are usually recommended for aircraft, ship, and automobile travels. That is because they will only be placed on the floor of such transportation items. These are also highly advisable for dogs that have big sizes.

The next type that can also be used in airplanes is the soft-sided carriers. As contrasted from the first type, this is designed for carrying and transporting small dogs. Likewise, they are made of materials that are lightweight. The third type of dog carriers is the wearable dog carrier. As opposed to the first two, this type will make the owner’s hands-free from carrying anything. This type somewhat resembles human baby carriers. It is usually worn like a sling bag which is made using lightweight and washable materials. It is also equipped with zippers to ensure that the dog is secured.

People who want more comfort when carrying their dogs around are recommended to purchase the fourth type of dog carriers which is known as backpack carrier. The best thing about it is that it can also be worn in front. Thus, it is also often called a frontpack carrier. It also looks like a human baby carrier since it has holes that are intended for the paws of the dog. Good brands of backpack or frontpack dog carriers have adjustable and padded shoulder straps that have locks or hooks. This is highly recommended for people who will go camping, hiking, backpacking, malling, and the likes.

People who do not want to strain their hands, shoulders, and necks with the above-mentioned types of dog carriers can go for the wheeled type. As the name implies, they are dog carriers that have four wheels installed. They usually look like an ordinary wheeled traveling bag but have a mesh window so the dog can breathe. According to http://gearhose.com/best-dog-carriers/ , this type is good for long travels.